Weather Forecast for any location on the planet, sent to your satellite, cell phone or Delorme inReach.

Planning a wilderness trip? Taking a satellite phone with you? Satellite phone voice calls are expensive but satellite phones can receive text messages free of charge. We will send a daily text message with a detailed weather forecast to your satellite or cell phone. The forecast is tailored to your specific location, even remote wilderness locations.

Emergency preparedness Hurricane forecast. Get a custom text forecast as frequently as you need. You can get an updated forecast twice a day or every hour, etc. Use the comment area to request this service.

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You can choose the type of forecast you want, when the service should start, and for how many days the texts will run. Ideal for situations where you might not easily access weather information, for example, while hiking, mountain climbing or paddling in the wilderness.

Due to the high demand for the service and to keep the service free of advertising, we are now charging a small fee for setting up the forecast. Please send at least $1 when you send a request for the forecast. When you click the "send" button you will be directed to PayPal. You will begin receiving your forecast shortly after your PayPal payment. You will not receive a forecast without a payment. If you want to try the forecast before paying, email your request and we will send the forecast for three days.

The only service that offers a weather forecast text message for satellite phones!

Phone number: < phone number you want forecast sent to
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Your e-mail: Time of Day: (time of day you want to receive the forecast)

Zoom in or out and scroll the map below and click to select the location for the forecast.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many days does the forecast cover? What information is in the forecast? How much does it cost? Can I get a forecast with custom information? Is the forecast location specific or based on the nearest weather reporting station? Is the forecast temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius? Altitude for Wind Speed and Temperature? Can I see an example of a forecast? How is the forecast is generated? How does the forecast compare to National Weather Service Point Forecasts?

Contact: info@forecast2phone.com